How to Make Money Driving for Uber

How to Make Money Driving for Uber

A Comprehensive Guide to Earning Money by Driving for Uber written by: shaylief Uber is the social media app that is revolutionizing the transportation world. Similar to a taxi service but with its own unique twist, Uber hires regular people to drive their own car to pick up passengers and drop them off at their preferred destinations. Uber has rapidly gained popularity since its founding in 2009; in 2014 alone, the company facilitated more than one hundred forty million rides. While Uber began gaining popularity in larger cities such as Los Angeles and New York, a booming Uber market is now developing in smaller communities as well. Much of Uber’s popularity derives from its inexpensive rates, quick response time, and ease of use; passengers and drivers alike can easily schedule a pick-up using only their smartphone.

If you’re interested in hiring out your car and your time to earn money as an Uber driver, there are a few things you should know. First off, there are certain ramifications Uber has set for their drivers to meet in order to ensure the safety of both the drivers and passengers using their service. All drivers must be at least twenty-one years old and be willing to submit themselves and their driving record for a background check, as well as get a basic inspection performed on their car. Also, drivers must be equipped with a four-door vehicle in great, safe condition and a modern smartphone.

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All you have to do to get started as an Uber driver is fill out some forms on their website, submit a background check, and make sure your car and smartphone are in sufficient working order. Once you get started driving, you can start and stop working whenever you want; Uber does not assign their drivers any specific hours. As an Uber driver, you’re an independent contractor; you get to decide when you work, where you work, and for how long. When you’re on the clock, you’ll receive requests from registered Uber passengers who need to be driven to their next destination. While driving, you’ll have access to automatic GPS navigation to ensure you don’t get lost and are always confident of where you are and where you’re going. All registered Uber passengers must sign up with a credit card that is automatically charged for their rides, so there’s no way you’ll be stiffed for a ride. Uber will pay you weekly by direct deposit for the number of hours you worked during that week. Also, there’s no need to worry about your safety, as all Uber passengers are registered with the company and rated by other drivers. Be aware that your driving is rated as well by the passengers you transport. However, once you start driving for Uber, all you have to do is maintain a passenger rating of 4.6 stars or higher to keep your job.

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Uber payment

Uber Payment Invoice

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In large cities such as San Francisco and New York, some Uber drivers have earned upwards of ninety thousand dollars per year, which is more than twice the average salary for standard taxi drivers. While drivers in smaller communities are unlikely to earn that much money, being an Uber driver anywhere can act as an easy, flexible part-time or full-time job. If you meet the above requirements and would like to earn some extra money driving for Uber, simply visit their official website to sign up and get started.

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On the Fury Road – Cars which appeared in the movie Mad Max

Mad Max 1 Interceptor

Some would argue that Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa stole the show from Tom Hardy’s eponymous character in this year’s underrated gem “Mad Max: Fury Road”. They are, of course, right, but only partly and we all know here who the real star of the move was – All those beautiful, mean, jacked-up beasts of cars we witnessed being crashed and blown to pieces. Without them any Mad Max movie would be boring trip into post-apocalyptic Australian bizarreness. So let’s remind ourselves of 5 most memorable vehicles that appeared in Fury Road.


Always a tease, Interceptor is usually introduced already wasted or on a 5 minute trip to car Heaven and Fury Road is no exception. It is very unfortunate to see such a beautiful machine as 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe carefully prepared for desert shooting with wide range of special tires and functional supercharger, so horribly underused in this franchise. Bulkier version of Interceptor does, however, make welcomed return towards the end of Fury Road under the name Razor Cola only to be thrown out of the battle few minutes later. Again.

The Nux’s Car

Nicholas Hoult’s favorite mean for reaching Valhalla makes up for the absence of “last of the V8 Interceptors”. Reborn from the 1932 Chevrolet five-door coupe, this weaponized hot-rod serves as a protagonist of first major action sequence in the movie and it plays that part rather well. Aside from accommodating bounded Max Rockatansky, Nux’s car is involved in lot of demanding scenes and it is no wonder that five versions of this car were needed to get the job done.


Bullet Farm’s flagship is, as its origin suggests, more military vehicle than a car and the fact that it is made out of hull of old Valiant Charger mounted on Ripsaw tank chassis reinforces that feeling. But if you think that military appeal amounts to slower speed, Peacemaker’s creators made sure that you are wrong by replacing diesel engine with water-cooled V8. Such incompatible design, surprisingly, works very well and Peacemaker manages to merge best of both worlds. It is beautiful, streamlined, hot-rod war machine and a worthy car to Bullet Farmer.

The Gigahorse

Idea of Mad Max’s director George Miller was to make a world where everything is built from scraps and cars are incoherent hybrids of everything that survived apocalypse. Immortan Joe’s vehicle of choice had that luck to be made of two Cadillac Coupe DeVilles from 1959 but the way in which they were merged and the addition of huge tires makes this monstrosity equipped with heavy duty plow into one of the most bizarre vehicles in the movie. Still the very fact that it was made of two identical cars, powered by two Chevrolet 502Cid Big Block V8 crate motors stands as a testimony of Immortan Joe’s power and influence in movie’s destitute and wretched world.

War Rig

We have to include War Rig somewhere on this list and although it is essentially a truck there are a lot of car elements included in this machine’s design, so we will use that fact as an excuse. Surprisingly, this huge 18 wheeler comes from Europe and it’s based on Czech Republic’s Tatra T815, while the back of the cab was widened with Chevrolet Fleetmaster Sedan from 1940 and the engine was replaced with racing engine to meet director’s demand that every vehicle in the movie can achieve 60 mph off road. War Rig serves as a set piece to almost every major action sequence in the move and we can say that it’s a character of its own.

These were 5 most memorable vehicles in the movie, but all the other are also iconic in their own way and that is great proof of all the care and hard work that was invested into “Mad Max: Fury Road”. We hope that it will manage to pull enough money for Warner Brothers to green light a sequel and that Max remembers where that Razor Cola crashed.


Image credits: screenshots from the movie



Logan R. Grayson has been keeping up with the latest developments in car industry, tech and online trends in general. His work leaves him a bit of spare time, which he enjoys spending reading comics and walking his dog, Speck. You can also find him on Twitter,Google+ and Facebook.

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Classic Ferrari sold at 8.8 Million Pounds in Manhattan Auction

Recently Vintage Ferrari was sold at a whooping price of 8.8 million pounds and according to reliable reports it has set a new record in the history of auction. The vehicle dates back to the year 1964 and is Italian in origin. It is also considered being among the first models from the manufact5uring company with the engine in the back.

The Car Features

The car has a number of features, such as a 3.3-litre powered V12 engine. The figure of the car is extremely graceful when compared to its age of 49 years. The car’s name is Ferrari 250 LM. Here, LM stands for Le Mans. The car has a speed of 177mph. This speed makes it top in the list of fastest cars of the era to which the vehicle belongs. The red color is stunning and is like any other brand new Ferrari car.

The auto has been the star of the auction from the moment it was put for display. At first it was offered at a price of 7.5 million of pounds. However, things turned when an anonymous bidder put a price of 8.8 million, which ultimately helped him to get the automobile.

Setting World Record

The sale created a world record and is considered to be one of the four highest paid cars in dollars in a public auction. The car has been owned for the past 30 years by its original owner and this makes the process and is among the first 41 vehicles that went under the sale hammer held at the auction. The audience included investors and rich enthusiasts from all over the world and 17 countries actively participated in the auction. They reportedly spent about 38 million of pounds within two hours of time, which created an intense bidding sale scenario.

Historian Speaks

According to one of the most renowned automotive historians, Marcel Massini, who also has an interest in Ferrari market, said that this price of 8.8 million pounds is good. The auction was a grand success with the sale of 38 cars out of the 41 and raising about 63 million and the whole process only took about 2 hours and 10 minutes. This clearly states that the sale rate was about 93 percent, which is a pretty good number. However, the expert conveys that he expected a higher price for the vintage LM. He states that the car was fresh in the market after coming out of a Japanese private ownership of 30 years.

The Condition of the Car

Ferrari was reportedly built only 32 cars of the LM model. This car was in perfect condition and this makes the vehicle the most outstanding in the market with no history of crash in the Sebring and Daytona race. The car which seconds LM in auction sale price sold at 4.4 million pounds. The whole public sale was held at Manhattan, and it is reportedly the largest collector car auction to be held in the city in the last 10 years. The report has confirmed that vintage cars are very popular among people, and they fetch the highest prices in both offline and online car auction.


Vehicle auction attracts car lovers from all over the world, and the same case has been with the public sale held in the city of Manhattan. A lot of car enthusiasts patiently wait for auctions to hold all round the year.

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Electric supercars: BMW i8 series


An electric car; what would people think of next? But seriously though, BMW is a company which apparently tries to stay ahead of the competition by introducing new and interesting technologies such as this. Of course the electric car was around long before BMW even considered marketing a model of their own. The concept was first introduced at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show; although many variations of the original model exist – aiming to increase fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

The car itself looks very futuristic, clean and it offers passengers unimaginable level of comfort.  The initial 2009 showroom model, the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics, had all the right stuff to be in a league of its own. For a plug-in hybrid it had an amazing fuel efficiency rating (3.75/100 km); such as an “average” 100% gasoline fueled car will burn 10-12 to even 20 liters of benzene on a single 100 km drive. This is quite a lot, and BMW was trying to cut this percentage as much as possible. The chassis are made mostly of aluminium; and if anyone ever had an aluminium bike, they should know how much “lighter” it feels, compared to steel.

Nowadays BMW are still to release this baby to the general population. Rumours have it that the vehicle will be available for purchase sometime next year. The 2013 prototype is quite amazing; and we will b e hoping to see something like this soon in 2014. the car now runs at a 2.5L/100 km, which is even more amazing than their 2009 version. The 2013 model was based on the BMW i8 Concept, released in 2011. Carbon emissions are down to 59g/km. It doesn’t matter which system you use (the electric or gasoline), being rated as a “sports car”, this baby can reach 100 km for no more than 4.5 seconds. The car is powered by a 3 cylinder, 1,5 liter BMW TwinPower turbo gasoline engine; and in combination with the BMW eDrive , it has a power of 231 hp.

But here is where things really get interesting. The second (electric) power source is BMW’s own hybrid synchronous electric motor; boasting performance of about 131 hp (for an electric motor this is astonishing really), with a maximum torque of 236 lb-ft from a standstill. You can choose to activate this motor to either boost the performance of the gasoline engine, or you can run the car just by electricity alone. With this fuel efficient motor, you can reach speeds up to 121 km/h, and travel a distance of no less than 35 km.

In the power department, the gasoline engine is all you need to zoom pass any high-end sports car manufactured in the last decade. With speeds reaching 250 km/h, this beast can overtake a wide variety of vehicles; without being that harmful to the environment. In addition to the outstanding fuel efficiency, the electric motor can be plugged into any household electric socket, no troubles.

Even though the car wont be in production any time soon (sooner than expected actually) it promises to be quite a treat. The price is expected to hover around €103,000; of course additional costs may include handling and taxes. But for the last line of hybrid-electric powered vehicles, this price is more than reasonable.

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Green Cars: Are they our future?


Buying a car, will it bring fame or blame?

A true human marvel: the car. Or is it? At one hand a truly magnificent piece of engineering, making everyone’s life easier, but at the same time destroying a little bit of Earth and tiny bit of our health as well. Now, there are ways to make your car’s carbon footprint shrink. A wide range of practical tips regarding driving style and car modification can make you more eco-friendly.

Go eco, go green

To truly take a step forward and stop burning up precious resources, a green car might be the perfect solution. For decades we have been polluting our only habitable planet and now is the time when we have to take action, one way to drastically cut down polluting is to go green. Green cars are not just the fragment of future, but they are the creation of present.

Green cars are the next step in the automotive advancements, a finely balanced combination of the usage of biodiesel, vegetable oils and electricity might just make you more eco-friendly and most importantly at the same time by cutting back at fuel expenses your car can go from a luxury to joyride.

Sure, green cars offer a great deal on car maintenance prices, but take into account that the initial cost of any green car can cost double the amount of any gas guzzling one. In the long run, it will pay off handsomely, think of it as a business investment. Furthermore, the less harmful gas emissions your car has, the less taxes you pay. Also, depending what type of fuel you use you also can also cut your fuel taxes in half.

Not just green but electrical cars are the new hype

Besides the price scare you also need to think twice, whether you are ready to go for that long trip, especially if there are no outlets in the middle of nowhere to recharge your electric car. Sure, electric cars are now a bit more expensive and you cannot plan a tour around the country, but it still offers a great opportunity to change your environment, and the world.

There is only one thing that can really irate a real motor head, the engine sound, better yet, no engine sound. With conventional cars when you pressed the pedal to the metal, you heard and felt the engine purr , you felt the raw power and excitement of a wild tiger. With green cars, this can prove to be difficult as they tend to be calm and quiet as a domesticated kitten, there is technology that simulates the sound of a real engine, but it simply is not the same. Granted, over time this will change.

Do you have the need for speed?

If green cars do become the next best thing, we will have to sit tight and wait for a model that can steam up to a decent speed. Unfortunately green cars as they are now are still unable to dish out more than the average city cruising speed. Although we will not be seeing any supercars racings, these green cars will still take us to our destination. If you do have the need for speed, rest assured that technology will soon make it happen. Who knows, maybe your next-gen green car will also be able to fly.

Your new car is more than just a machine

The future of car is here, green cars are here to help us redeem ourselves in Mother Nature’s eyes and as an investment you can take care of it and cater it to your own needs. Do not think of your new green car as just a means of transport but as a new member of family. Yes it will take some time to fully bloom, but it will be worth it.

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Top 10 Worst Cars Of All Time. 2014 Updated


If there weren’t worst cars, just how could the entire world get pleasure from the favorable types? As like the best cars we also have learned a lot from the worst ones too. Nicely all of us got a short look at the structure, architectural as well as good quality of each one as well as was standing returning as well as determined if most of these cars was made out of really like, focus on aspect as well as love. We determined that each one of them were designed through people with a lack of awareness as well as a “that’s good enough attitude”. Here I go for our top list, top 10 worst cars of ever. Hope you will enjoy the list.

Here I go with my list, but don’t forget to share your list with me and with others.

10. Chevrolet Chevette:

Manufacturer:  Chevrolet.

Year: 1976

Body Style: Hatchback

Edmund’s 100 worst cars ranking:  53

Why? Why it is worst: As many of its customers told its interior is not so comfortable, other than interior it has Bad door handle design, worst engine. It also makes a lot of noise while running, which makes Chevette to stand in our worst car list.

09. Cadillac Cimarron:

Manufacturer: GM

Year: 1982

Body Style: Sedan

Approximate Price: $12,130

Edmund’s 100 worst cars ranking:  08

Why, it is worst: The reasons which make this model as one of the worst are it’s poor quality & Ugly interior. Other than this the model has problems like low-class engine cooling system & bad driving experience.

08. Ford Pinto

Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company

Year: 1971

Body Style: Coupe

Edmund’s 100 worst cars ranking:  16

Why, it is in our worst list: Few errors in design & ignorance of those are the greatest reason for failure of this model. Putting fuel tank in the wrong place & worst looking style make it to stand in 8th position of our worst car list.

07. Trabant 601S

Manufacturer: VEB Sachsenring

Year: 1957

Body Style: Sedan

Edmund’s 100 worst cars ranking:  09

Why we it is in our worst list: This vehicle produces more smoke [Pollution] as compared to other vehicles of its class. Other than smoke reason its reliability was terrible. It was also difficult for the driver to change the gear as its gear shifting mechanism is complex and hard.

06. AMC Gremlin

Manufacturer: American Motor Corporation [AMC]

Year: 1970

Body Style: hatchback

Approximate Price: $1690

Edmund’s 100 worst cars ranking:  19

Why it was worst one: It consumes more fuel, Handling is difficult & really terrible. Other than this the worst thing about this car is its design, just awful.

05. Chevrolet Vega

Manufacturer: Chevrolet

Year: 1971

Body Style: coupé

Approximate Price: $2850

Edmund’s 100 worst cars ranking:  05

Why it is worst: Its body surface easily catches corrosion, bad design & engine overheating  makes it severer.

04. Ford Probe

Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company.

Year: 1990

Body Style: Hatchback

Approximate Price: $2000

Edmund’s 100 worst cars ranking:  Not in top 100 worst cars list of Edmund’s.

Why we think it is worst: Certain performances of Probe like operating, accelerator & brakes are too hard to run. The driving experience of Probe also not so good or you can call that as below average driving experience. All these make Ford Probe 4th awful car of ours.

03. Ford Mustang II

Manufacturer: Ford Motor Company.

Year: 1974

Body Style: Coupe

Car Sold: 2,96,000

Approximate price: $3700

Edmund’s 100 worst cars ranking:  02

Why it is in our worst list: You can’t believe that Mustang II had got a commercial success, but unfortunately some of its short comings made it histories one of the worst car that was ever made. Those are it’s anemic acceleration, below average ride quality and uglier look. But some people like its look too.

02. Pontiac Aztec

Manufacturer: GM

Year: 2005

Car Sold: around 5000 pieces only.

Body Style: SUV

Price: $5200

Edmund’s 100 worst cars ranking:  01

Why it is worst: Ask anyone those have an Aztec, they definitely told you their bad experience of Aztec. It’s worst because of its lesser comfort inner, and high maintenance that it requires.

1. Yugo GV

Manufacturer: Zastava a subsidiary of Fiat

Year: 1991

Body Style: Hatchback

Approximate Price: $3900

Car Sold: < 4000

Edmund’s 100 worst cars ranking:  04

Why it is our worst’s top one:

  • Just low quality engine
  • Disastrous aerodynamic design
  • And worst motor.

There are many harrowing stories of this one, All these makes The Yugo GV our best of worst cars.

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Is Buying Used Car Parts Really Safe? 5 Things to Know Before You Buy


There are many ways to save money on car repairs, and buying your own parts is one of them. However, it’s not always the best idea. Most car owners believe that purchasing used auto parts is a great way to save money. This goes for off-brand, re-manufactured parts that are sold at reduced prices. Before you invest in any used part for a vehicle there are some things you should know about the drawbacks and implications that used parts can create. Naturally, the best thing about used parts is the savings and recycling, but at what cost? Here are some facts and information to consider before you invest in used car parts in hopes to save yourself a few bucks.


The chances of getting a warranty on a used auto part that guarantees service and fit are slim to none. Especially if the part comes from a salvage yard. Even some reconditioned parts do not come with any type of guarantee or warranty. For example, many new electrical components like alternators, computers, radio, DVD players and batteries will come with a 90-day warranty against defects. Reconditioned parts may come with a very limited warranty (or none), and salvage or privately bought used parts usually have zero warranties. Make sure you know the details of the warranty on any parts that you buy so that you are clear on the parameters before you spend money on it and install it into your vehicle. This should not be overlooked.


Buying a used or rebuilt auto part is risky because there is a chance that it will not fit the vehicle properly. The part may be too large in profile to accommodate a precise fit. Any component that has a bolt pattern like rims, water pumps, oil pans, manifolds and cylinder heads have precise and exacting bolt patterns that must match up. The thickness of the component bolt face must also have the proper depth to insure correct torque strength and fit. Engine designs change from year to year and all it takes is for one design change to keep a part from fitting properly, even if the engine and car model are the same. These parts do not comply with the standards set forth by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). For example, subaru baja parts are designed to fit precisely and follow normal installation procedures for that particular foreign make car and no other. If you are unfamiliar with car parts, changes are you might end up with a part that doesn’t fit as perfectly as it should. If this is the case, don’t rely on guessing to get the right part—consult a professional so you get the right size the first time. If it doesn’t fit, you can’t make it fit, so basically the part is useless to you.


The history of a used auto part will be highly questionable. Reconditioned or knock-off auto parts usually use the same outer or main casing, and the casing itself can have flaws such as small cracks, deformities and worn surfaces. Installing these parts can cause serious damage to the engine or vehicle if they suddenly fail. The wrong used electrical part (different voltage and amperage) can cause permanent damage to the entire electrical system. Alternators, computers and batteries fall into this category. A slightly bent rim or worn steering part may cause an accident by failing during operation. A used caliper or wheel cylinder (brakes) may fail, causing a dangerous stopping maneuver.

Premature Failure

The quality of reconditioned parts is highly suspect, since the manufactures can originate from foreign countries or come from manufacturers that use inexpensive materials to build their parts. Cutting corners in the production of used parts lessens the longevity, performance and quality, regardless of the savings involved. A salvage part may come from a car that has flood damage history, rendering the part ineffective from performing properly. Precise parts like alternators and starters might have under-gauge wiring and substandard capacitors or transistors, leading to a premature failure. A used transmission might have 300,000 miles on it and the potential customer would not know this fact.


It could take forever to find a used part, whether it comes from a salvage yard or online Internet source. Most of the time, pictures and some limited specifications are all the customer has to go by in determining the proper replacement parameters. Visually matching up a salvage part is difficult at best, even when the old part is used in comparison.

Buying used or reconditioned auto parts is risky. A customer should research the company and the history of the part when applicable. Use parts sold cheaply can actually double or triple the expense in cases of failure and damage, not to mention the extra time required to rectify the problem. So if you want to cut corners and save some money on your car repairs, don’t always rely on going the route of buying used parts. As with any auto-related problems, you should consult a professional to figure out what options are best for your car as well as your finances.

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Winter Car Care Tips- How To Take Proper Care Of Your Car In Winter


Car owners need to use their vehicles, even when the temperatures plummet, So here how you can use your car in winter without many damage. There are a number of steps that they should take before and during winter in order to ensure that their vehicle is in top shape. A lot of the information is available in the car manual, while others are taught in driving schools such as my driving school and North side driving schools. Some of the tips that will help individuals to care for their car even in frosty conditions have been highlighted below.

1. Read the manufacturer’s manual

The manufacturer’s manual always has tips and information on how to maintain the specific car during winter. The car owner must read the manual comprehensively, and do everything that is required so that their vehicle can work perfectly for them during the winter. The manual will also recommend service schedules for the specific vehicle. They can also provide information on how to deal with common problems that the driver may experience during winter.

2. Service the vehicle before winter begins

The car owner should ensure that their car is serviced before the onset of winter. They should take it to a car dealer who will check the performance of the engine and take care of any drive-ability issues. They should also check the filters to ensure that they are not dirty or clogged so that everything works as it should. All the problems should be rectified before the weather becomes colder, because cold weather will make any existing issues worse.

3. Consider purchasing all-season tyres

There are a number of all-season tyres that are perfect for driving in various weather conditions. During the winter, the roads can get slippery, and the vehicle should have anti-skid tyres that make it easier to drive on wet or frozen roads.

4. Pack the vehicle in a garage

A vehicle that is packed outside in winter conditions throughout the night is less likely to work in the morning. This is because the engine and the radiators usually freeze more if they are outside in freezing temperatures. It is therefore better for the car owner to look for an indoor garage so that snow does not fall on their vehicle.

5. Check the anti-freeze levels

A lot of vehicle manufacturers fill their vehicles with anti-freeze liquid which ensures that the radiators and engines do not freeze during winter. The car owner should regularly check the levels to ensure that they are not below the required minimum. If the anti-freeze liquid is too low, they should contact their car dealership in order to find out how they can get more anti-freeze for their vehicle during winter.

6. Check tyre pressure of the car

The tyre pressure of the vehicle is very important in all seasons, as it is an important factor for increasing the lifespan of your tire including in winter. A car owner should ensure that they check the pressure of the tyre at least once a week during the winter months. The pressure should reach the levels that are recommended by the manufacturers. The car owner should not forget to check the spare tyre as well so that they are not faced with any problems when they are forced to replace their tyres.

7. Apply car wax to protect car paint

Snow and extreme cold can have a very negative effect on the car’s paint. Therefore, the car owner should regularly wax their car in order to protect this paint from any of the rain, snow or salt. The price of purchasing a car wax will definitely be cheaper than the cost of repainting the car after it has been damaged by snow or rain during winter.

8. Ensure improved visibility during winter

Poor visibility is the cause of most accidents during the winter. The car owner should ensure that the wiper blades are in good working condition. The car owner can even purchase rubber-clad blades which are perfect for removing ice. They should ensure that their windshield is clear before they start driving. They can use a scraper to remove any of the accumulated snow on the windshield. As an extra precaution, they can purchase a windshield fluid that has de-icer treatment. This will help them to fight defrosting during the winter months.

It is also best to check the car lights as this also help visibility during the winter. A lot of times, winter nights are dark, and rain can and snow makes visibility even poorer. The driver will need all their car lights in order to drive properly during winter. They should therefore replace any broken tail lights, driving lights, headlights, brake lights and signal bulbs.

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